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We specialise in site-specific drama that brings history to life and life to history. We will help you find your unique story and make it live and breathe through scripted, costumed, professional actors.

Living History


Deilg Inis will research your site to uncover its unique narrative. We will help you tell this story through dramatic interaction with visitors to your site.


We will supply actors, costumes, props, and professional scripts – all fully authentic and to international standard.


Example of this kind of work – our Early Christian, Viking, Medieval, Victorian, and Modern characters created for Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre.

Story Gathering


Deilg Inis will interact with your group over a period and ‘gather’ your stories.


We will then turn these disparate tales into a coherent drama that we enact for the individuals of the group and others.


Example of this kind of work – Our production, RAW WAR, a fifty minute piece that captured the stories of World War 2 veterans from Lepardstown Park Hospital.

Literary Heritage


Deilg Inis will animate the literary heritage of your site or area.


We will do a complete performance of the work of a single writer, or pieces from several writers.


Examples of this kind of work - our show, REVUE OF IRISH WRITERS.

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